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Industrial Design

Rigor, functionality, and sustainability guide the development and design of industrially manufactured products. Milan Rohrer Studio specializes in capital goods within the transport industry, focusing on the ergonomic, semantic, economic, and ecological aspects in their design. The design studio accompanies projects from ideation to the final product, tailoring each step in the design process to the specific needs of the clients.

3D Visualisation

Each design phase requires its distinct representation. Milan Rohrer Studio specializes in crafting high-quality renderings and product visualizations. The computer-generated images depict an object, a product idea, or a vision in a photorealistic manner, making the future conceivable. These images not only convey a specific mood but also evoke emotions, aiding in explaining the designed object or its targeted marketing.

3D Design Visualisation
Technical Design

Technical Design

Milan Rohrer Studio engineers technical implementations, high-quality freeform surfaces, and complex assemblies using industry-standard CAD programs. 3D models serve for visualization, as digital functional models to verify mechanical principles, for prototype production, and creating production plans.

Rapid Prototyping

Through rapid prototyping, Milan Rohrer Studio produces templates for prototype construction or additive manufacturing in 3D printing based on digitally generated models. This process saves considerable time in the development phase and helps identify potential complications early. It differentiates between functional models, serving to verify mechanical functions, and form models, enabling optical or ergonomic assessments of a product.

rapid prototyping

Visual Communication

Visual representations aid in explaining or marketing a designed object. Milan Rohrer Studio supports companies in creating graphical representations, visualizations, computer-generated animations, photographs, or product videos.

Design service for startups

Implementing ideas and bringing them to the market involves pitfalls and challenges. Milan Rohrer Studio possesses extensive experience in providing design services for startups and crowdfunding campaigns. Through an agile organization and flexible terms, even young companies with limited budgets and bold ideas are led to success.

industrial design for startups
industrial design freelancer

Freelance designer

Milan Rohrer Studio operates independently, swiftly, and flexibly. All services are also provided as a freelancer on-site within your company as temporary manpower.