Industrial Design Studio

The swiss industrial design studio Milan Rohrer offers sustainable design services and innovative technical support for the creation and development of long-lasting products. Whether for small-scale or mass production, startups or established companies, Milan Rohrer Studio accompanies firms from the search for ideas and the initial design concept to the finished, market-ready product.

Circular Product Design

Circular products are the key to a sustainable production industry. In our world of limited resources, rethinking design approaches is essential. Design can be more than just aesthetics and functionality. Milan Rohrer Studio focuses on creating products that are durable, repairable, and locally produced. The selection and integration of new materials are a central factor in the manufacturing process. At the end of their lifecycle, these products are regenerated into new ones.

Innovative Technical Design

As a design office, Milan Rohrer Studio is always exploring new technical possibilities. The fusion of creative design and technical expertise allows for the creation of user-friendly products that are not only aesthetically appealing but also offer top-notch functionality. The work as an industrial designer revolves around innovative technical developments and efficient production processes.

Efficiency as a Driver of Product Design

Efficiency is a significant driving force in Milan Rohrer Design. Whether it's striving for minimal material usage or simplifying production processes, clear processes and thoughtful strategies enable the saving of time and resources.

Future-Oriented Design Visions

In our world of rapid change and uncertainty, future-oriented visions guide us. They inspire us to take on challenges, drive innovations, and shape the future world. Milan Rohrer Studio turns simple ideas into promising, visual products.

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